SKAFS is a professional engineering construction group that deals with design, Infrastructure, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment,


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Having long experience on administration and management of large-scaled water, roads & building projects, he played important role in construction of many key projects.

Chairman's Message

The SKAFS was founded with the intent of bringing together a team of professionals in 1976 with diverse experiences in all facets of the built environment in order to form a unique company.

As my term as chairman of the SKAFS International (Pvt) Ltd, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported our firm during its first 36 years of service to our communities. As you know, every good structure relies on a great foundation. The support of our elected leaders in everything we do, has allowed us to undertake and complete a number of projects more efficiently and cost-effectively. Finally, I give tremendous credit to our Team staff for the progress.

Looking over the 34 years of Construction Scenario, I am proud to witness that we have been successful in creating what we planned on our very first day.

I firmly believe in SKAFS uninterrupted success in the future as well; so long as it keeps up its alignment with these core values. I shall make it my personal mission to ensure that this alignment is flawless.

We will continue to build unrivalled partnerships with and value for our clients, through the knowledge, ingenuity, and commitment as well as through the services we offer. And with advancing plans to enter into new business fields in the Middle East and Oman, the Firm is well-positioned for rapid growth in the coming years.

SKAFS Group of Companies


SKAFS International (Pvt) Ltd. Is a highly successful construction company established in 2000. Whereas the Directors carring the same business since 1976. It is a versatile company offering a wide array of services having extensive experience in Infrastructure, Housing Projects, multi-story buildings, parks, Commercial & Industrial projects, Roads & Bridges, Hydropower Projects, Water supply & Sewerage projects.

SKAFS Consultants (PVT) Ltd:

After successful construction business SKAFS has established competitive Engineering, Agriculture & Environmental Consultancy firm in 2009.

SKAFS Agri Food Hub (PVT) Ltd:

Drive the creation of a collaborative multi- functional, multi stakeholder exemplar site of a sustainable, healthy and fair food system in Pakistan.To establish a transformative economic and social model for food distribution that can be adopted and replicated across Punjab national, sustaining waves of positive food system change for decades to come.

To establish a transformative economic and social model for food distribution that can be adopted and replicated across Punjab national, sustaining waves of positive food system change for decades to come.


SKAFS International L.L.C is an experienced construction company established in Oman in 2012. Offering Vide Range of Services with practical Approach in the field of Construction Industry (Infrastructure work includes Landscaping, utilities services, building & housing scheme, road, public improvement development) specialist EPC/BOT contractor in public and private sector in Oman - UAE.


Skafs has established trading business in 2010 at Ningbo, China after successful construction business in Pakistan & Oman, to cater import of concerned materials, equipment’s and machineries for Pakistan & Oman, and now import of numerous goods are in shipment process. SKAFs also have planned to being imports / export for general trading in Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Canada, UK, African countries an d Bangladesh shortly.

Agreement between Water view SRL & SKAFS in 2020 to Provide

Video Analysis Solutions To Monitor All Weather Conditions And Detect Plumes Of Smoke

UNIDO ITPO Italy facilitated the conclusion of an international business partnership agreement between the Italian company WaterView and the Pakistani Skafs, which was officially signed on 22 December 2020.

The dedicated celebration ceremony was held online on 14 January 2021.Hosted by UNIDO ITPO Italy Investment Promotion Expert, Ms. Ester Temperato, and Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Dino Fortunato, the event was opened by the welcome remarks of UNIDO ITPO Italy Head, Ms. Diana Battaggia, and saw the participation of relevant representatives from both companies.

Arranged by UNIDO ITPO Italy in the last months, WaterView Srl - which provides videoanalysis solutions to monitor all weather conditions and detect plumes of smoke - had the opportunity to meet Skafs Pvt Ltd, part of the Engineering and Construction Group Skafs International and operating in high-profile infrastructural projects.

In this framework, the two companies discussed and identified Pakistan's needs in terms of smoke detection and weather-related issues such as flood and low visibility, and eventually decided to become partner and sign a two-year agreement. This first milestone will pave the way for further business collaborations aimed at transferring Italian innovative technologies to Pakistan and Afghanistan for sustainable local industrial development.


UNIDO ITPO Italy facilitated the conclusion of an international business partnership agreement between the companies Skafs And Solgreen, which was officially signed on Wednesday 9 December 2020 during the dedicated online ceremony.

The event was hosted by UNIDO ITPO Italy Investment Promotion Expert, Ms. Ester Temperato, and Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Dino Fortunato, and saw the participation of several high-level representatives from both Solgreen and Skafs, as well as UNIDO ITPO Italy Head, Ms. Diana Battaggia.

Arranged by the team of UNIDO ITPO Italy, the Italian company Solgreen SRL - which provides innovative solutions for agriculture and water treatment - had the opportunity to meet the Pakistani Skafs International (Pvt) Ltd, an engineering enterprise operating in the field of urban planning, construction and green development, and now expanding into the local food and agriculture sectors through its ad-hoc section Skafs Agri Food Hub Pvt Ltd.

In this framework, the two companies identified agriculture as their operative common ground and have decided to become partners and sign a two - year agreement. This first milestone will pave the way for a series of initiatives fostering business cooperation, investment and technology transfer aimed at boosting the Pakistani agriculture sector towards a more inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

KAFS HSE (Health Safety & Environment)

Experties / Experience

SKAFS has made a presence for itself in the construction Industry with its successful completion of small to medium Commercial Projects, high quality residential projects. SKAFS is committed to providing the realization of client's expectations and a high standard of trade workmanship within specified time. This is achieved by way of fostering and maintaining good relationships with clients, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors. The successful outcomes of past complete projects prove that identification of such groups have enable the company to meet client's needs without any compromise. SKAFS has team of qualified construction experts who are effect enough to fulfill each and every requirement of client and execute projects with complete accuracy and reliability.

SKAFS has well experienced in planning designing and construction of housing colonies, Institutional buildings, Hospital buildings, & Revamping of hospitals as well.

Our services include water supply and sewerage projects, Landscaping, multistory residential & commercial buildings, apartment buildings, construction of Roads & bridges, Hydropower plant & solar plant projects, Water purification plant, utility services, Transmission lines, Oil & Gas Silos etc.

  • - Agriculture - Green House Concept Design & Implementation
  • - Capacity Building / Monitoring and Evaluation
  • - Environmental Studies (IEE, EIA & ESIA)
  • - Real time Monitoring of Environmental Pollution
  • - Carbon Emissions / E- waste Management
  • - Project Implementation Plan (PIP) , Methodology
  • - Appliances Energy Automation ECO Solution
  • - Monitoring and laboratory testing for soil and water
  • - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis and Modeling of Surface and Ground Water
  • - Geometrics, Surveying, Mapping, Hydrography, Photogrammetry, GIS and Remote Sensing.
  • - Green Energy, Power

Approach Route Plan For Proposed Multan Site of SKAFS Agriculture Food Hub

Multi Storey Building Projects - Residential Apartment Buildngs

Tianjin University Building

Beacon House School System Lahore

Ali Institute Hostel Building Gulberg Lahore Year of Completion: 2008

Green Smart City Concept in Pakistan - Smart City Layout Plan

Green Smart City Financial Model - More than $10 Billion Over the Coming Years

Consultancy Services for Detail Design of INDUS TOWN HOUSING SOCIETY Gujranwala


As Water commonly is not present at the locations and times where and when it is most needed. The envision of Saaf pani project was to provide safe sustainable drinking water (water with standard physical chemical microbiological characteristics) supply for the entire population, especially the underserved areas (rural, semi urban and peri-urban) with regard to sources, treatment technologies and supply options and sustainable O&M models with community engagement and participation. The option determined by the quality of existing water sources, availability of infrastructure, population densities and level of community participation. The worst affected areas in terms of contamination level and non- availability of water supply system selected for interventions on priority.

Following online Android Application & Dash board were Developed by SKAFS Consultant for conducting Geo-Tagging Survey in Punjab

Biomass to Electricity

  • - Biogasification (Green House Gases/ Carbon Emissions) & Cattle Waste Management, Sargodha (2013-2014)
  • - Biogasification (Green House Gases/ Carbon Emissions) & Cattle Waste Management, Khusab (2013-2014)
  • - Biogasification (Green House Gases/ Carbon Emissions) & Cattle Waste Management, Syed Abid Hussain Farm, Jhang (2013-2014)

CDM Projects of SKAFS & Associates

  • - Fatima N20 Abatement Project, Multan, Pakistan.

  • - Catalytic N20 Abatement Project in the Tail Gas of Nitric Acid plant of Pak Arab Fertilizer, Multan, Pakistan.

  • - Project for the catalytic Reduction of NO emissions with a Secondary catalyst inside the Ammonia reactor of the Nitric Acid plant at Dongbu Hannong Chemicals Ltd., Ulsan, Korea

  • - Omnia N20 Abatement Project, South Africa.

  • - Deepak WNA 5 N20 Abatement Project, India.

  • - Project for the catalytic Reduction of N2O emissions with a Secondary catalyst inside the Ammonia reactor of the Nitric Acid Plant at African Expolsives Ltd., South Africa.

  • - Junma N20 Abatement Project from Nitric Acid plants at Haifa Chemicals Ltd., China.

  • - YARA Montoir N20 Abatement Project, Spain.

  • - Proyecto de N20 de Fertiberia Aviles en Espana, Spain.

  • - Project for the Catalytic Reduction of N20 Emissions with a Secondary Catalyst inside.

  • - The Ammonia Reactor of Ni and Nz Nitric Acid Plants at Haifa Chemicals Ltd., France.

Wind Energy Projects

  • - Detailed design of the Contrada Dumi San Nicola, Wind farm 10 wind turbines total power of 20 MW Client: ANEMOS Energie Naturali srl

  • - Detailed design of the MV/HV substation transformer of the Serra di Spezi Wind farm 12 Wind turbines total 24 MW Client: ZEFIRA Srl

  • - Detailed design of the MV/HV substation transformer of the Gargalupo Wind farm 14 wind turbines with total nominal of 28 MW Client: ZEFIRA Srl

  • - Design of a Wind farm 9 generators 8 Mw Plant in Aragona (2003) Client: ZEFIRA Srl

  • - Wind farm project: Pecoraro Mount, Cinisi Municipality (2001) Client: ENEL and LEGAMBIENTE

  • - Design of a Photovoltaic Solar Plant 0.95 MW (2002) Client: ZEFIRA Srl

Urban Planning Architecture

SKAFS Provides Services in various other fields like landscape architects, planning, programming, designing and construction of commercial and residential buildings to both public and private sector clients, nationally and Internationally, in a timely, cost effective and innovative manner.

LEED Certification for Green Buildings

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in over 132 Countries. LEED recognizes that sustainability is at the heart of all buildings in their design, construction and operation.

DEVELOPMENT OF HOUSING PROJECTS - Monhalwall Housing Society: 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla House


Revamping of THQ Hospitals includes Planning Design & Construction Supervision of 16 No of THQ Hospitals of South Punjab

Package 7

  • - THQ Hospital Jahanain-Khanwal
  • - THQ Hospital Kabirwala-Khanwewal
  • - THQ Hospital Dunyapur-Lodhran
  • - THQ Hospital Kehror Pakka-Lodhran
  • - THQ Hospital Jalapur pirwala
  • - Govt. Civil Hospital Multan
  • - THQ Hospital Vehari

Package 8

  • - THQ Hospital Haroonabad - Bahawalnagar
  • - THQ Hospital Fort Abbass - Bahawalnagar
  • - THQ Hospital Minchinabad - Bahawalnagar
  • - THQ Hospital Hasilpur - Bahawalpur
  • - THQ Hospital Yazman - Bahawalpur
  • - THQ Hospital Khairpur Tamewali - Bahawalpur
  • - THQ Hospital Khanpur - Rahim Yar Khan
  • - THQ Hospital Sadiqabad - Rahim Yar Khan
  • - THQ Hospital Liaqatpur - Rahim Yar Khan




Underground Utility Services

ISO Registration Certificates

Registration with PEC 2017-2018



Registration in CHINA

Registration in OMAN

Awards / Achievements

Engr. Ch. Sajjad Hussain Chief Executive (Left) of SKAFS International (Pvt) Ltd receiving the Lahore Chamber of Commerce Industry (LCCI) Achievement Award 2010 (Construction Sector) from the Honorable Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani at Expo Center Lahore.

SKAFS Clients