The Founders of The SKAFS Organic Consulting Group have a wealth of practical experience in the organic industry. They have worked in all fields of the industry from raising organic crops and livestock to managing organic processing plants.


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For development of sustainable society and to conserve our environment, we work in various regions/ countries with individuals, SME businesses, corporate sector & governments by providing Eco-sciences cum research based education, advocacy, and capacity building tools while performing as catalyst for social change through poverty alleviation. Primarily we do:

Environmental Assessments & Auditing:

. Full facility Review, Written Assessment, Auditing and Consultation

Green Certification & Green Survey:

Our Green Certification ,Environmental Audit & Green Survey is based on international standards of CEAA, US-EPA , OSHA , EU-ETS as well as local EPA in Region /s we work.

Waste Reduction Measures:

. Waste Assessments, Plans for Reducing, Sourcing Recycling Markets… finding solutions

. City By-laws, Provincial Regulations, News updates

. Local & International Contacts, Sourcing and Price Quotations on waste related matters.

Environmental Policy Development:

. Written commitment of environmental consciousness and a set of obtainable goals

Transforming Educational Institutes to Green:

We help schools, colleges, universities to Go Green through capacity building with Green Mind Power

Green Procurement:

. Education about Eco-labels, Certifications and establishing Green Buying Criteria

. Sourcing and/or Cost Analysis of any Environmental Products or Services

. Supply of “green” products and services

Marketing & Communications:

. Analysis and Advice for reaching environmentally concerned consumers

. Customized Materials for internal or external awareness building

. Ideas for incentive programs, capturing media attention and gaining internet presence

. Writing inserts for internal newsletter to promote staff awareness

. Writing professional press releases for newspapers or magazine articles

Water & Energy Efficiency:

. Water and Energy reduction assistance, general recommendations and helpful advice

. Referrals and/or Negotiations with Service Suppliers

. Critique of Proposals and/or Project Management for Renovations

. Cost/Benefit Analysis

Miscellaneous Ongoing Assistance:

. Consultations, Training and Implementation for activity based capacity development

. Developing, Assisting and/or Chairing Environmental Committee Meetings

. Providing answers or directions to questions, problems and set-backs

. Defining priorities, goals, time frames and organizational structure to measure progress and returns

. Defining measures needed to fulfill expectations and delegating roles & responsibilities,

We are a Not for Profit company, with Principles...about Integrity… demanding Higher Standards… Searching, Screening, and Providing Healthier and Safer Alternatives… Creating the Skafs Change, from within and without, through consulting with all types of business and by opening friendly, responsible reliable, easy and cost effective channels to environmental solutions. Developing a looping support network of Responsible, Ethical Companies in order to Shift us into a world where capitalism is more in harmony with nature, and where success is defined by more than greed. Thank-you to everyone who is a part of us for building sustainable communities , and we welcome to those who would like to join this road to a better planet !!