Construction Management


SKAFS is a professional engineering Construction Group that deals with design, Infrastructure, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment,


A brief story about how this process works, keep an eye till the end.

At SKAFS , construction management services provide assurance to the owner of a well-run,uninterrupted and problem-free job site. The team of experienced construction professionals make strategies for controlling cost, coordinated scheduling, quality control and timely execution of plans throughout the project.

Our team make such a plan that ensure the availability of each material on due time, remove overlapping of activities and avoid wastage of material. SKAFS knowledge of local building codes, life safety requirements, permitting and other local nuances in the construction process is critical in the project's on-time and on-budget completion according to plan.

The owner's interest is represented and given prime importance throughout the project from beginning to finish. Our team of professional engineers ensure schedule compliance, coordinate proper document control and optimize the owner's investment in the project.Local social and economic values, cultural requirements and public interests are kept under consideration while making a project plan in our Construction Management System.