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The Founders of The SKAFS Organic Consulting Group have a wealth of practical experience in the organic industry. They have worked in all fields of the industry from raising organic crops and livestock to managing organic processing plants.


A brief story about how this process works, keep an eye till the end.


G&O by Skafs is a monthly magazine whose printing & production is totally eco friendly as Green printing is not a temporary fashion. It is a serious trend.

“One of the most significant, and perhaps least understood, impacts of the paper industry is climate change. Every phase of paper’s lifecycle contributes to global warming, from harvesting trees to production of pulp and paper to eventual disposal. It is estimated that 42% of the industrial wood harvest is used to make paper—a sobering fact given that forests store roughly 50% of all terrestrial carbon, making them one of our most important safeguards against climate change. Old-growth and mature, second-growth natural forests store much larger amounts of carbon than newly planted stands and, once logged, require decades to recover the original amount of carbon they contained.”