GeoMedia Viewer

GeoMedia Viewer is offered within the Power Portfolio.

GeoMedia Viewer

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Some things are still free

GeoMedia Viewer is a FREE application for map display, simple analysis and output.

Easy data distribution

Distribute GeoMedia-created information to field offices without the need for licensed products.

Build on the best

Tried and true Hexagon Geospatial technology goes into the development of the GeoMedia Viewer.


Network turns up the heat

In Oradea, Romania, the heating energy network is optimized for streamlined field operations, and issues outage alerts.

Managing river flood risks in Romania and Bulgaria

Learn how close to 150,000 people have benefitted from reduced reaction time in flood emergency situations because authorities are able to leverage integrated tools.

See GeoMedia in action

From updating land records to studying traffic flow, GeoMedia extracts compelling intelligence from geospatial data to present actionable information.


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