Pre-Construction Services


SKAFS is a professional engineering Construction Group that deals with design, Infrastructure, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment,


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Through clarification of and commitment to project team goals, SKAFS International provides the project owner and architect with control of the project's schedule, budget and quality. This is accomplished with studies, expert advice in construction means and methods and confirmation of the Slafs project team's understanding of these goals with mockups, samples and investigations of existing product installations.

SKAFS International believes the identification of team goals to be one of preconstruction's primary objectives. A draft schedule incorporating these goals with the anticipated construction activities and entitlement process displays logic relationships and anticipates potential team goal conflicts. The preconstruction schedule serves as the road map for design development decisions pertaining to project scope, budget and procurement.

Thus, the SKAFS International approach offers a controlled, effective use of preconstruction resources consistent with the progress required to acquire government/ non-government approvals needed to complete the project on time and under budget.